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Submitted by: brodinsons

Legislators react to federal investigation of Trayvon Martin’s shooting death


Legislators are urging the Department of Justice to investigate the shooting death of a Miami teenager as a hate crime following an announcement late Monday that federal officials will conduct a review of the case that has unleashed a firestorm of national attention.

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Interview with Earl Carpenter

Talking about Three Phantoms in Concert, being involved in the Les Misérables


Victoria Song, the Chinese member of Kpop group f(x), will be starring in a new Taiwanese drama with Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit, and Zhou Mi of Super Junior-M. The drama’s tentative name is “失去城堡的王子” (roughly translates to The

dlrpmagic:Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
me: thirty pounds underweight, burnt throat. you: broken, leaking cheap vodka and stale blood. last words: no. i used to write poetry, now i can’t explain a goddamned thing. the thing, being the feeling of dead weight. loose bones under cold skin, and a lack of knowledge for CPR. shut the fuck up. you can’t resuscitate a hole in the brain. empty head, bullet exits hastily, a comet of blood, metal, and every regret you’ve ever had. especially this one. this will stain the ground around us. you’ve left your child abuse in the grass, your drug use in the dirt. blood on my hands and the front of my jeans. windshield hands. this is you growing up. nothing will ever grow here. ever. again.
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